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MP3 Storage Terms: ( Updated: 2016/11 )
i wish You like it πŸ˜‰ i love you Guys ^_^
NikiPink <3

MP3Upp: Just For MP3!
We upload MP3 files on mp3upp.com, it is easy for download.

Torrent: Just for Albums.
We upload MP3 files on Torrent files, it is easy for download too, but you need a torrent client (such as BitTorrent, or uTorrent, or …)

How to Download Music with Torrent ?!

1) Download Bittorrent:

* For PC, Windows: Click Here
* For PC, MAC: Click Here
* For Android: Click Here

2) install Bittorrent & Open it.

3) Download your own file from: MP3DDL.com .

4) Open your downloaded file with Bittorrent .

5) Then, Download will start automatically . (* Like this )

*** if you have any problem, comment here…

38 thoughts on “About us”

    1. some trackers dead. if you can’t any music, please comment below posts. we can rebulid that torrent

      1. Hey, keep up the good work, my download are very fast with Utorrent , seconds or less than a minute for a Track , i dont know what people talking about .Thank you .

    1. some trackers dead. if you can’t any music, please comment below posts. we can rebulid that torrent

  1. Why do you guys remove the original artworks in the songs. It would be great if you leave them as it is and can add your name in the title of the songs but please don’t mess up with the artworks. PLEASE.
    YOU guys are the only good uploaders left over all of the internet, please maintain your rep by not messing up with the original artworks of all the songs.

    It is a humble request and it would be great!

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      but it is impossible; NikiPink is our Signature; copyright holders (& DMCA) are our Enemy, because We are freedom fighter.

      really if you like music covers, you can download it from Posts.

      \m/ We are alive; forever…! VIVA Pirate Party… <3

  2. Good work buddy.. The songs download in a super sonic speed… Keep on the good work..

    I highly appreciate you buddy

  3. Great site, super fast speed, album downloaded in a matter of minutes!! Thank you. Not sure why people were complaining about speed.

  4. Hey, I’m trying to download the following 2 torrents but they have no seeds:

    Shaggy – Waist Line *Single
    Volbeat – Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie (Deluxe Edition) *Album

  5. truly i hate the picture songs that has been change (not original photo songs), but now it’s hard to find the free songs download w/original quality (ripCD). i said thanks from ur HATERS n Lovers (that’s me)

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