MP3DDL News: i will come back soon!

Hello my Dear Friends….

i’m sorry….  We lost our Mp3 Servers; so you can’t download any Mp3 🙁
Server confiscated by German Prosecutor ….

But don’t worry..
NikiPink is Alive forever…
I’m designing a new website now.  A New & Very Very Powerful Website For Music Torrenting.

You can Download again in October 2017.

i Love You <3


17 thoughts on “MP3DDL News: i will come back soon!”

  1. That would be great cuz I’ve been unable to download songs from past few months & torrent links doesn’t work

  2. From the start torrent links doesn’t work so make sure to add direct or any drive link for downloading.

  3. CANT WAIT!!!

    ever since your site been down .. my life became a livin hell!
    until i found out that you’re comin back soon!!!!
    Haha lemme tell ya i was like FUCK YEAH MY LIFE HAS A MEANING AGAIN <3 <3

    Goodluck with everything & thank you so fuckin much <3
    We all luv ya <3

    PS: Don't cancel/remove Torrent servers, please?

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