What’s Happened for MP3DDL.com ?!

Hello My Dear Friends. 🙂
I’m so sorry, because you can’t donwload any files 🙁
MP3Upp.com is Dead: Because I have some Security & Legal Problems in Europe.

But, Don’t worry, MP3DDL.Com is Alive Forever.
Nobody can stop me, I shake the world by my blood.

Best Regards, NikiPink <3

Good News: Daily Update, Soon …

8 thoughts on “What’s Happened for MP3DDL.com ?!”

  1. Your beginning scared me a little bit. I’m glad that mp3ddl is still alive as it is my daily guilty pleasure. Thank you so much and keep up your good job 🤗

  2. I trust that you will keep on giving us great and new music. MP3DDL.Com is one of the sites that are stuck in my mind, as i am all about music.

    Keep up the awesome work.
    Best wishes for you!!!!

    MP3DDL.Com is Alive Forever

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